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American Idol

Okay, so we are watching the finale of American Idol, via VCR.

What's worse than a two-hour BIG finale? The group numbers! Or actually all the numbers, for that matter.

Ryan, I do NOT care about the top 13. Really. I barely remember the top 5.

Oh, the censorship!! They just silenced about five seconds of the Black-Eyed Peas performance... I wonder what was wrong with that... BTW... THAT EARNED THREE GRAMMIES???!!! This actually says a lot about the state of the music biz.

I also hate the "pseudo-awards". Seriously, people. I just want the last five minutes.

solitarychele and Kara have kind of made amends...

Right now, all the performances I have cared about have been: David Cook, Kris with some country star and Allison with Cindy Lauper. Half the show is over, nearly.

I really hope that Kris wins. Adam is too Cher-ish to me.

solitarychele to me: "Do you think that Blind Guy will perform with Stevie Wonder? Ray Charles is dead, you know."

And, Gowkey with Lionel Ritchie??? This is beginning to be surreal. I want the results NOW, whores!

Back with Adam/Cher... Does that mean that he will use the harmonizer on his albums? Or make a poopie cover of "Walking In Memphis" that Kisssss FM will program neverendingly.

Adam with freaking wings introducing... KISS...? And then singing "Rock'n'Roll All Night" with them??? That, I must admit, was pretty sweet.

I am not sure that Matt has the chops to sing "Black Magic Woman" with Santana, sorry. But the male-top-thirteen rendition of "Smooth" was actually good.

Michael Sorber is doing the only thing he knows... What surprises me is that Steve Martin has actually collaborated in that awkard try... Playing the banjo?? Oh, he is promoting some new album or shit.

Rod Steward!!?? Oh, I smell desperation, and a) he is 3,000 miles away and b) this is recorded. Again, promoting a summer tour... Everybody here has something to sell, don't they??? Oh, the commerciality of it all!!!

A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! Queen, Adam and freaking Kris singing " We Are The Champions"??? So sweet!!! I love it!!! So gay!!! See? I was right, I only needed the last five minutes of this show.

And now for the winner. Blah, blah, blah, after the nation wide votes, the winner is... KRIS ALLEN!!! Woohoo!!! It doesn't come as a surprise to me, but apparently it was a surprise for him, and for Simon.

And that is all, folks. See you next year, American Idol!!

And yes, Adam, nicely played.

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I kinda wanted Glambert to win, but maybe he is TOO fa-buh-louzzz for los USA hahaha

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